Don’t Fall Victim of These Common Janitorial Non-Professionals

How to Spot Cleaning Company Scams

When you are looking for a reputable janitorial cleaning company, you should know what qualities to seek and how to beware of scammers at the same time. This industry is full of dishonest cleaners who offer poor-quality services. After all, your business’s success and reputation depend on your proper decision. This blog post will help you avoid the most common scams:

  • We will offer you unbelievably-low rates only today. This is total fraud. In order to avoid that, never choose janitors based on prices alone, specialists advise. If you hear this from salespeople, just ignore their bid. They are either inexperienced or don’t have the proper training and licensing.

  • Can you give us cash in advance? This is another very common deception. Asking for money in advance is not normal. This is simply an attempt to get to your money and provide you with poor-quality performance. Make sure you explain your demands and expectations and refuse to pay them before your project is completely finished.

  • We know how to do it. Trust us. Do not believe their words. Ask to see what tools and equipment they will use to get the job done right. Never hire janitors without certain expertise. In order to check their knowledge, ask them a few questions about the methods they intend to implement to clean your floors, windows, and bathrooms. Have in mind that having a mop, cleaning product, and bucket doesn’t make you a good cleaner. Thorough and professional cleaning of commercial buildings is only possible with the help of the most advanced and powerful machines and equipment.

  • It is a lot safer to contact a professional. Before shaking hands, take some time to check a company’s credentials and background. Avoid to hire ”fly-by-night” janitors without a website with detailed information about contact details, working hours, services, and their prices. Otherwise, you do not just risk your money, your success and reputation are put at danger.

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