Hiring a Janitorial Service to Clean the Germ Hot Spots

Germ Hot Spots You Need to Clean

We know that keeping offices and work spaces clean is more crucial now than ever. All organizations and offices place a high priority on maintaining the lowest possible level of bacteria and germs. Some office supplies have been assembled by a janitorial service that requires special cleaning attention. Be sure to clean the germ hotspots in your office. Here are their workplace cleaning recommendations.

Door & Cabinet Handles

Door and cabinet knobs will be touched more frequently and by more people in your office than anything else. Handles are much more of a breeding ground for bacteria and germs than cell phones are. Always make sure to clean and wipe off handles and knobs as frequently as you can. Also, often washing your hands, especially in restrooms and break rooms, can help prevent the spread of germs through doorknobs.

The Telephone

The number of persons who can use an office phone during the day has already been mentioned. Not only are your hands touching it, but saliva, tongues, and ears are also coming into contact with it. Also, where have all the hands that are operating these phones been? Some could include exiting restrooms or taking public transportation, among other things. After each use, ensure you properly clean and sanitize your office and work phones. Your workers’ spread of disease and sickness will be reduced if you take this action. Make sure you regularly clean your phone as well. According to studies, there are a lot of bacteria and germs on smartphones.

Keyboards & Scanners/Photocopiers

Unlike shared workspace technologies, such as printers and scanners, which can be used and touched by everyone in the office, keyboards are frequently assigned to one individual in the workplace. They are all breeding grounds for bacteria and germs, which is not surprising. Make care to wash your hands after using them and wipe them off.

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