Office Cleaning Duties That Your Janitor Should Not Neglect

A Basic Office Cleaning Checklist That You Need to Provide your Cleaning Contractor With

If you are planning on hiring a contractor to perform regular office cleaning services for the first time, and you do not have any idea of how to prepare the checklist that you need to hand to your janitor, this post will definitely help you. As a commercial facility cleaning specialist for many years, Gastonia Commercial Maintenance Specialist knows which the dirtiest and most contaminated areas are that need to be cleaned every time and which ones do not need daily attention from your cleaners.

Here is a sample list that may help you work around your office cleaning needs:

  • The common area where your workers rest and dine. This is the space in your office where bacteria accumulate, especially around the appliances and the coffee machine. Make sure that your janitor sanitizes these areas, including the kitchen sink, fridge door handles, and the water-dispenser buttons, of course.

  • The restrooms. These are the second most contaminated areas, especially in office spaces where more than 50 people work. Ask your office cleaning team to refill the soap dispenser and paper towel dispensers besides the obvious daily toilet cleaning and sanitizing.

  • Carpets. Vacuuming with a powerful vacuum cleaner is necessary on a daily basis, but occasional professional carpet steam cleaning is also recommended if you want every speck of dust and dirt extracted from the fibers of your office carpets before mold starts growing.

  • Desks. Quite often office cleaning companies refuse to clean areas around computers to secure themselves against any damage that can be caused but, if you are really working with a true professional, they will never refuse to clean the monitors of your personal computers using, of course, special tissues designed for this purpose.

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