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What Is Involved with Building Cleaning


A building cleaner, sometimes known as a janitor, is someone that is responsible for performing building cleaning

and maintaining in all areas of a commercial building. They are sometimes in charge of a cleaning team. This team could be required to perform all maintenance jobs or just certain ones which will be given to individuals based on their experience and skills.

The job of a cleaner or their team, usually involves standard janitorial tasks. These range from mopping floors, vacumming, sweeping, emptying trash, and cleaning the toilets. Dusting furniture and fixtures, in addition to cleaning windows and mirrors are all part of the job description too. If exterior maintenance is part of their contract, they will be required to cut grass, trim shrubs and bushes, water the landscape and keep the outside trash and debris free.

A cleaner usually works on a monthly, semi-annual or annual contract, with the owner or manager of the building. The contract contains specific terms with regard to the areas that are to be cleaned, in addition to the frequency of their service. The contract will specify if the cleaner will be responsible for the maintaining and cleaning of the interior, or the grounds and landscaping also.

Other terms covered in the contract will concern the environmental safety of the materials that will be used for cleaning, and any special requests for the cleaning of delicate or fragile surfaces and materials. Periodic in-depth cleaning, like air duct cleaning, shampooing carpets etc. are regularly included within a contract. If the premises have clean room environment or labs, certain guidelines for maintaining these are usually included too.

In some circumstances, the scope of a cleaner’s responsibilities will extend to building maintenance also. They could be required to check on the electrical and plumbing systems and do any minor repairs to them. Adjusting heating and cooling systems to the prescribed levels by the owner or manager could be part of their job as well.

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